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How can your investments make a real and positive impact on the environment and the world?

It's simple: Invest in what matters with Praxis Mutual Funds, the fund family of Everence.
Our Approach

What is Praxis?

Some call it socially responsible investing or values-based investing. At Praxis Mutual Funds®, we call it stewardship investing – a way for you to integrate social, environmental and financial considerations, while also making a positive impact on the world around us.

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Your values, your impact

Our stewardship investing approach uses six values to express our expectations for corporate behavior.

  • Respect the dignity and value of all people.
  • Build a world at peace and free from violence.
  • Demonstrate a concern for justice in a global society.
  • Exhibit responsible management practices.
  • Support and involve communities.
  • Practice environmental stewardship.

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Your values in action

Want to send dividends from your fund investments straight to your favorite charity? Want a less complicated way to invest in the risk level that best fits your situation? With Praxis Mutual Funds, all of that is possible – and more.
Doing Better Together

Be part of something bigger

At Everence®, we believe it's possible to incorporate your values with your decisions about money. Take a closer look at the difference it makes when your financial services company is rooted in something more than making a profit.


Living the values

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Investments are subject to market fluctuations, may lose value, and are not subject to any company or government guarantees.

The Fund's stewardship investing strategy could cause the fund to sell or avoid securities that may subsequently perform well, and the application of social screens may cause the fund to lag the performance of its index.