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AutonomyWorks challenges the way others view those with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Each year 50,000 people with autism enter the work force. With companies unprepared to utilize the skills of these individuals, unemployment rates are approaching 80 percent.

AutonomyWorks is a company that delivers mission-critical marketing operations and employs people with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). This company shows a side of these associates that others are not exposed to. They challenge stereotypes and changes the way others view those with autism. 

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Individuals with ASD show valuable strengths, such as exceptional and detailed focus. They can use their skills to complete tasks proficiently.

“If people truly see what AutonomyWorks does and the positive results that it brings, then they would not underestimate our abilities and see that we are capable of doing things just like everyone else,” said associate Erik.

Not only does AutonomyWorks provide services to companies, it wants to help its employees build their independent lives. They do so by providing their associates with job coaching, social and life skills training and occupational support. Associates at AutonomyWorks contribute to their living expenses. In addition, more than 90 percent take public transportation or drive to work on their own. 

“Praxis Mutual Funds® is thrilled to stand behind organizations like AutonomyWorks that are providing innovative solutions to challenges facing disadvantaged or overlooked segments of the population through our investment in the Benefit Chicago initiative” said Mark Regier, Vice President of Stewardship Investing for Everence® and Praxis.

Benefit Chicago is a collaboration of the MacArthur Foundation, The Chicago Community Trust, and Calvert Impact Capital.

“Providing inclusive and supportive work environments, has become a return on investment that our investors deeply value,” Mark Regier said.


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