Company provides energy to those in Tanzania and Rwanda

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Praxis Mutual Funds is invested in providing clean energy to thousands

Off Grid Electric's mission is to power the world with clean, transformative energy in the next decade. This innovative new technology is provided at about the same cost or lower cost than the customers’ average energy bills.

Off Grid’s system powers more lighting and appliances than the equivalent amount of traditional power. By replacing kerosene usage with powerful LEDs, families can enjoy light from lamps without the risk of harmful particles in the air or the risk of fire.

Child in rural African village turning on a light

The company is connecting 50,000 people per month in Tanzania and Rwanda with electricity. It provides an energy ecosystem that combines the world's most efficient LED lights and appliances to optimize the energy output from solar panels.

Not only is Off Grid providing many with power, but it’s dedicated to providing steady employment for locals. Nearly 40 jobs per month have been filled through its recruitment service, Off Grid Academy. 

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