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Praxis Impact Bond Fund yields a difference that matters

Praxis Impact Bond Fund reached $500 million of assets under management during the last week of August.

This fixed income fund specializes in investments in positive impact green and social bonds, making this fund a great choice for investors who want to integrate their faith and finances.

“We are proud that the Fund reached this important milestone,” said Chad Horning, CFA®, President of Praxis Mutual Funds and Chief Investment Officer of Everence. “This fund has been a key fund for us and has been recognized in the industry for its innovative commitment to integrating impact into a bond portfolio.”

Founded at the inception of Praxis Mutual Funds® in 1994, the Impact Bond Fund is a flagship fund for the mutual fund family of Everence®. The excellent management by the fund managers – Benjamin J. Bailey, CFA®, Vice President of Investment and Senior Fixed Income Investment Manager, and Delmar King, Fixed Income Investment Manager – has demonstrated the important impact that socially and environmentally targeted fixed income can make in the world.

Bailey, co-manager of the Impact Bond Fund since 2005, has more than 15 years of experience in fixed-income investing. “The impact bond market has grown exponentially over the last decade as investors seek opportunities to align their values with their investments,” said Bailey.

Delmar King, a 24-year veteran of fixed income management and founding manager of the Praxis Impact Bond Fund said, “It’s refreshing to see the changes in the market toward high-quality impact bonds and how investors have demanded a more thoughtful approach to investing in ways that make a difference in the world.”

On Monday, Sept. 11, Praxis met another significant milestone when assets exceeded $1.25 billion for the first time.

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