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Management fee reduced for international index fund

Praxis Mutual Funds® is pleased to announce the appointments of two new fund co-managers.

Chris Woods was named co-portfolio manager of the Praxis Impact Bond Fund, succeeding Delmar King, who is stepping down after 24 years in the role.

Annie Tan has been added as a co-portfolio manager for the Praxis International Index Fund.

Woods began his investment career with Everence in 2017 after working with fixed-income investment portfolios since 1983 in Columbus, Ohio, Washington, D.C., and New York City. Woods earned a bachelor’s degree in finance from The Ohio State University. He is a CFA® charter holder. 

Christopher Woods, CFA, Fixed Income Investment Manager, Co-portfolio Manager of Praxis Impact Bond Fund  | Praxis Mutual Funds

Chris Woods

“Chris has been a wonderful addition to the fixed income team. He has a long-track record in the fixed income markets and his diverse work experience has really strengthened our capabilities. Chris will be a great steward of assets for Praxis Impact Bond fund shareholders,” said Benjamin Bailey, CFA®, Vice President of Investments.

Chad Horning, CFA®, President of Praxis Mutual Funds, expressed appreciation for King’s many contributions.

“Del’s steadiness, dedication and grace has been and continues to be an asset to the investment team,” Horning said. “His historical perspective has been indispensable, reminding those of us with less experience what we should be thinking about as markets shift and change through the years.”

Ms. Tan is a portfolio manager at Aperio Group LLC, the investment subadvisor to the Praxis International Index Fund. She supervises and manages the firm's ESG/SRI portfolio management effort and provides analytical support in the research, portfolio management and trading of client portfolios. 

Annie Tan, Portfolio Manager, Aperio Group  Co-portfolio Manager of Praxis International Index Fund

Annie Tan

Ms. Tan earned her bachelor's degree in economics from the University of California, Davis, and her master's degree in financial analysis from the University of San Francisco.

“We continue to be thankful for the strong partnership that we have with Aperio Group on the International Index Fund,” said Bailey. “The addition of Ms. Tan to the fund management team adds depth and strength to their stewardship of assets in the international market for Praxis shareholders.”

Praxis Mutual Funds also announces a reduction in the management fee for the Praxis International Index Fund, which invests mainly in broadly diversified foreign equity securities while incorporating Praxis’ unique Values + ESG criteria.

“At Praxis, we understand that fees are an important cost for investors to consider when choosing a mutual fund,” Horning said. “We are pleased to be able to reduce the investment advisory fee so that more of our shareholders’ investments end up funding the things they care about.”

Shareholders can expect a reduction in fees of 0.07% in their overall expense ratio.

See the Praxis International Index Fund page for more information about the fund's expenses, performance, holdings and objectives. 

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