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New features are available to Praxis Mutual Funds® shareholders that make it possible to conduct more transactions online and reduce paperwork.

As a shareholder, our enhanced online account access offers you these new features:

  • Bank setup and maintenance.
  • Systematic purchase setup and maintenance.
  • Systematic redemption setup and maintenance.
  • Systematic exchange setup and maintenance.
  • Update contact information.
  • New account setup.

Several other previously available features are continuing. Shareholders still can:

  • Initiate fund purchases, exchanges and redemptions.
  • View current mutual fund accounts and balances.
  • Change cost basis election.
  • Change e-delivery option.
  • View beneficiary information.
  • Order duplicate statements.
  • Download tax documents.
  • View transaction history.

“We’re excited about the launch of a new online account portal at,” said Mark Regier, Vice President of Stewardship Investing and Director of Sales for Praxis.

Get more accomplished online

“The expanded functionality will allow investors the option of conducting nearly all Praxis transactions online, including opening accounts. Instead of completing paperwork, shareholders can now establish and maintain bank information, systematic purchases and redemptions online,” Regier said. “These new features, plus existing functionality, will provide all Praxis investors with the best service possible.”

Shareholders also can register for electronic delivery of account statements, along with regulatory material and shareholder communication (such as prospectus, annual report, semiannual reports, and tax statements).

Open an account if you’re not a shareholder

If you aren’t a Praxis shareholder, you can open a new account and invest in Praxis funds as a result of the online access enhancements.

Visit to sign up for online access, log in to your account to review the new features, or open a new account to purchase Praxis Mutual Funds.

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