Financial advisor finds ways to help a woman in need

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Sarah had no solution until she turned to Everence

Sarah* reached out to Everence® because she wanted a company that shares her Christian values to help her through some tough financial times.

Sarah was a stay-at-home mother who has home-schooled her children. Her 35-year marriage unexpectedly ended in divorce. She became the sole caregiver for her teenage son, who has autism. She had no stable income, accumulated debt and wasn’t sure what to do. She was considering filing for bankruptcy.

Sarah’s brother had worked with Everence on behalf of their parents. He suggested that Sarah call us. Financial Advisor Sam Shultz took her call, listened to her story, and decided to help her.

With the divorce not yet final, Sarah had possession of the house and was responsible for the mortgage payment. She was generating some income by renting out rooms, but it wasn’t enough to cover her mortgage payment and living expenses, or pay off her debt.

After months working with Sam and Everence partner Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota, things started to look up for Sarah. From the divorce settlement, Sam helped Sarah set aside money for retirement, utilizing the Genesis Portfolios of Praxis Mutual Funds®.

Sam guided her as she paid down a portion of her debt and set funds aside in a Praxis Money Market account for emergencies. Some debt accounts were kept open to re-establish her credit and will be paid off within five years through an affordable LSS Debt Management Plan.

Sarah now has money in a retirement fund and emergency money set aside, which helped lift some weight off her shoulders.

Sam is an Everence national advisor, who works with people from regions without an Everence office nearby. He and Sarah have not met, because she lives several states away. Sam has prayed, encouraged and coached her over the phone through the changes she’s been making.

Sam is now encouraging Sarah to reach her next goal: finding a way to earn sustainable income while staying home with her son.

*Her name has been changed to protect her confidentiality.

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