White paper - Optimized SRI Index Funds: Seeking Impact and Returns

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When investing, seeking impact and returns does not have to be mutually exclusive

Index funds are increasingly embraced by investors seeking market-based returns at relatively lower costs than actively managed mutual funds. As a means for everyday investors to access market returns while mitigating the risks of significant underperformance, index funds are a compelling investment option. For investors also seeking to integrate their values into their investment portfolio, socially responsible investing (SRI) index funds provide a foundation on which to make a constructive difference in the world.

In his white paper, Optimized SRI Index Funds: Seeking Impact and Returns, Chad Horning, CFA®, Praxis Mutual Funds President,

Chad Horning, CFA, President | Praxis Mutual Funds
explores how optimized index funds offer a platform to advocate for better corporate behavior through engagement with company management teams. Importantly, these funds seek to deliver the consistent performance relative to market indexes that allows investors and their financial advisors to focus on the decisions and behaviors that make a meaningful difference in whether investors meet their long-term goals.

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