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Campaign focuses on positive action during challenging times

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During a holiday season burdened with pandemic restrictions, expanding coronavirus infections and continuing social and political unrest, Praxis Mutual Funds® has launched its Seeds of Hope campaign. Beginning with Praxis’ annual holiday message and running through spring 2021, the campaign will feature stories, music, and action ideas designed to inspire. The goal is to demonstrate that we can both sow seeds of hope and become seeds of hope to the people and communities around us.

Mark Regier, Vice President of Stewardship Investing | Praxis Mutual Funds

Mark Regier

“The theme of finding hope in times of darkness is common in both the Christian season of Advent and the Jewish celebration of Hanukah. We believe that spirit is needed today more than ever,” said Mark Regier, Vice President of Stewardship Investing and Director of Sales for Praxis Mutual Funds. “Seeds of Hope represents a commitment from Praxis to lift up the good we see around us and declare the faith we have in the future. We also see this campaign as a call to others to join us in doing what we can to get to the other side of our current crises.”

Josh Bean, National Sales Consultant | Praxis Mutual Funds

Josh Bean

These responses can be very local. According to Josh Bean, National Sales Consultant for Praxis Mutual Funds, “We all have opportunities to sow seeds of hope by doing small things to help those around us. Praxis continued its tradition of supporting local small businesses for our holiday gift-giving, this year focusing on the small food-based businesses so hard hit by health and safety restrictions.

“Over 125 tasty ‘Seeds of Hope’ gift bags went out to friends of Praxis, representing our appreciation of our sales partners and our commitment to the community around us in Goshen, Indiana.”

Photos, links and more information on these businesses can be found on the campaign landing page here.

Jerry Gray, National Sales Consultant | Praxis Mutual Funds

Jerry Gray

Helping build unity in our fractured communities is sorely needed today as well. “Praxis serves a surprisingly diverse group of advisors and clients seeking to align their investments with their deeply held values,” says Jerry Gray, another National Sales Consultant for Praxis. “From our perspective, these folks have a lot in common, including shared concerns for people and for the world around us, though they frequently don’t think they do. Part of our job is to remind them of our common values and the breadth of impact we can have, together, through our investments.”

This theme of unity is embodied in the video performance of Eric Whitacre’s Sing Gently by a 17,572-voice virtual choir representing 129 countries, featured on the Seeds of Hope landing page. “May we stand together, always/May our voice be strong/May we hear the singing and/May we always sing along” reads a portion of Whitacre’s text. The song was written specifically in response to the challenges the world faces from COVID-19.

The Seeds of Hope campaign will run through Spring 2021 and, we hope, welcome the return to some form of normalcy to our lives and community.

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Author Mark Regier
Vice President of Stewardship Investing and Director of Sales for Praxis Mutual Funds

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