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Panelists discuss investment strategies to benefit the climate and communities through ESG screening and investing

Benjamin Bailey, CFA, Vice President of Investments, Co-portfolio Manager of Praxis Impact Bond Fund | Praxis Mutual Funds
Benjamin J. Bailey, CFA®, Vice President of Investments and Senior Fixed Income Investment Manager for Praxis Mutual Funds®, was a panelist for a roundtable session that GlobalCapital convened in New York City recently to discuss growth in socially responsible investing.

Bailey and fellow panelists talked about green bonds and other investment strategies to benefit the climate and communities through ESG (environmental, social and governance) screening and investing. GlobalCapital is a news, opinion and data service for people working in international capital markets.

“This was a welcome opportunity for Praxis to be recognized and included as a leader in socially responsible investing, and particularly green investing,” Bailey said. “Several of the companies involved in the roundtable operate on a much larger scale, so it’s gratifying for Praxis to be known for our support of efforts to improve the environment and many people’s lives.”

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Efforts to stimulate further development of sustainable energy sources are continuing, the panelists said, and GlobalCapital pointed out that socially responsible and green bonds are on course to hit the $100 billion issuance mark by the end of 2017. Panel members noted that the public is becoming more familiar with the concept of targeting investments to make a social or environmental impact in addition to offering financial returns.

The Praxis Impact Bond Fund is recognized as a leader in the positive impact bond field. Fund managers purchase market-rate bonds in a variety of climate- and community-focused projects – often investing in first-of-their-kind opportunities.

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