Mark Regier featured in Investment News video

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Respected news sources turn to Everence and Praxis for information about values-based investing

Mark Regier, Vice President of Stewardship Investing | Praxis Mutual Funds
Mark Regier is featured in a short video on the Investment News website, explaining the importance of values among a growing number of investors.

Mark is Vice President of Stewardship Investing for Everence® and Director of Sales for Praxis Mutual Funds®, the mutual fund family of Everence.

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Various publications and other news sources often solicit the viewpoint of Everence and Praxis representatives because Everence and Praxis are recognized as “go-to” sources for information about faith-based and socially responsible investing.

Praxis, in fact, is positioned as one of the leading values/faith-based mutual fund family in the U.S. Praxis has been inviting people from a wide range for many years to invest in what matters.