Jewelry trade urged to address human rights issues

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Investors call for better supply chain checks

Mark Regier is featured in an article by Rapaport News regarding the Investors Alliance for Human Rights calling for better supply chain checks by jewelry manufacturers to end child and forced labor.

Mark Regier, Vice President of Stewardship Investing | Praxis Mutual Funds

Mark Regier

Mark is Vice President of Stewardship Investing for Everence® and Director of Sales for Praxis Mutual Funds®, the mutual fund family of Everence.

More than 60 institutional investors are urging the jewelry trade to adopt stronger control of supply chains to eliminate human rights abuses.

“Precious metals and gems are often used to commemorate the most sacred and momentous events in the human experience,” Mark said in the article. “As investors, we need to see greater action – including improved standards and certifications – from the manufacturers and retailers in this space.”

Mining gemstones and metals can injure child workers, expose them to hazardous substances and even kill workers when unstable pits collapse, the institutional investors said in their statement.

Various publications and other news sources often solicit the viewpoint of Everence and Praxis representatives because Everence and Praxis are recognized as “go-to” sources for information about faith-based and socially responsible investing.

Praxis, in fact, is positioned as one of the leading values/faith-based mutual fund family in the U.S. Praxis has been inviting people from a wide range for many years to invest in what matters.

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