Praxis discusses carbon asset risk assessment with Statoil

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Fund family participates in shareholder advocacy dialogue on tar sands, oil extraction and greenhouse gas emissions

Praxis Mutual Funds, as part of its efforts to engage energy companies on climate change, participated in a June 2014 dialogue with Statoil regarding oil extraction from the tar sands of Alberta. The call, led by Boston Common Management, focused on Statoil’s history in Alberta, the role of the tar sands in Statoil’s energy mix, and the carbon mitigation strategies and environmental protections implemented by the company. The heavy oil extracted from the tar sands is more carbon-intensive than conventional oil, and its production emits significant greenhouse gases.

In the fall of 2013, Praxis joined a group of investors in sending a letter to Statoil requesting an assessment of the company’s carbon asset risk. “Carbon asset risk” refers to the risk that fossil fuel reserves listed on a company’s balance sheet may not be economical to extract, whether that is due to high extraction costs, climate change legislation, or other factors. Statoil responded with a detailed explanation of its view on its carbon asset risk, and cited its support for climate science and governmental action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Praxis Mutual Funds will engage Statoil in continued dialogue on its tar sands operations, as well as its carbon asset risk.

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