Guided by faith values, we make a positive impact on the world.

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With Praxis Mutual Funds, your investments can make a difference for you, and the world around you.
Investing together, impacting the world.

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News and inspiring stories

Making a difference

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Praxis update

Praxis webinar open to the public

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Community development investing

Praxis leveling the playing field by financing truckers in the heart of Europe

Advanced Global Capital provides innovative financing in Czechia

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Shareholder advocacy

Investors make change by filing company proposals

Praxis and other ICCR members create impact through shareholder resolutions

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Community development investing

Praxis helps refugees through small business

Global network empowers small businesses in South Sudan

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Shareholder advocacy

Praxis votes on CEO compensation

Say-on-Pay proposals provide an opportunity for communication with companies

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Praxis in the news

Chris Meyer, Stewardship Investing Research and Advocacy Manager, outlined on the FaithFi podcast how investors can use stewardship investing to align their values and their investments.

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Investing together, impacting the world

Praxis Mutual Funds

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Praxis Impact Bond Fund

Seeks current income and, to a lesser extent, seeks capital appreciation.

Impact Bond Fund Quarterly Commentary (PDF)
Quarterly fact sheet (PDF)
Real Impact Quarterly (PDF)

Praxis Growth Index Fund

Seeks capital appreciation through a portfolio of stocks intended to reflect the investment performance of the U.S. large cap growth equities market.

Quarterly fact sheet (PDF)

Praxis Value Index Fund

Seeks capital appreciation through a portfolio intended to reflect the investment performance of the large cap value equities market.

Quarterly fact sheet (PDF)

Praxis Small Cap Index Fund

Seeks capital appreciation through a portfolio consisting primarily of smaller company stocks.

Quarterly fact sheet (PDF)

Praxis Genesis Portfolios

Combine your faith and finances with Praxis Genesis Portfolios, allowing you to easily and conveniently invest in the risk level that may best fit your situation.

Quarterly fact sheet (PDF)

Stewardship Investing

Our core values

Our core values embrace a wide range of social concerns our Christian faith calls us to consider - as well as traditional, prudent, financial considerations. Our values provide a consistent standard for current and future investments.