Guided by faith values, we make a positive impact on the world.

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With Praxis Mutual Funds, your investments can make a difference for you, and the world around you.
Investing together, impacting the world.

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Making a difference

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Praxis update

Highlights how unique stewardship investing approach promotes real-world change through seven impact strategies

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Praxis update

Making a real difference

Your semi-annual Praxis update on community development investing and impact bonds

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Community development investing

Grameen America supports thriving female owned small businesses

Praxis finances solutions to combat predatory lenders

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Shareholder advocacy

Powering the low carbon future

Investors and electric utilities have played key role

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Praxis in the news

Praxis Mutual Funds named “Faith-Based Organization of the Year” by Environmental Finance magazine

Recognizes commitment to maximizing real-world impact for everyday investors

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Praxis: In the News

On the FaithFi podcast, Mark Regier discussed how faith-based investing relates to Creation Care and how investors can use their portfolios to ensure they are good stewards of God’s Creation.
Investing together, impacting the world

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Our core values

Our core values embrace a wide range of social concerns our Christian faith calls us to consider - as well as traditional, prudent, financial considerations. Our values provide a consistent standard for current and future investments.