Prospectuses and reports

Review the Summary prospectus, Prospectus, Annual report, Semiannual report and Statement of additional information. 

Praxis Mutual Funds

Praxis Mutual Funds Class A and Class I materials XBRL1
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Praxis Impact Bond Fund View reports Download
Praxis International Index Fund View reports Download
Praxis Small Cap Index Fund2 View reports Download
Praxis Value Index Fund View reports Download
Praxis Genesis Portfolios           Portfolio materials        XBRL1
Balanced Portfolio View reports Download
Conservative Portfolio View reports Download

Download updated file (May 11, 2017)
Growth Portfolio View reports Download

A prospectus may also be obtained via email request or by calling (800) 977-2947. 

Fees and expenses

  • Shareholder information (PDF)
    Read about share pricing and sales charges, purchasing and adding shares, selling shares, policies on selling shares, market timing and excessive trading and other topics.

Other information



1 XBRL (eXtensible Business Reporting Language) is interactive technology required by the Securities and Exchange Commission for electronic transmission of business and financial reports.

2 Formerly named Praxis Small Cap Fund.