Prospectuses and reports

Review the summary prospectus, prospectus, annual report, semiannual report, fund holdings, quarterly fund fact sheets and other important information. 
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Praxis Mutual Funds

Praxis Genesis Portfolios Prospectus, annual and semiannual report
(Class A and Class I)
Portfolio holdings Quarterly fact sheets
(Class A and Class I)
Balanced Portfolio View reports  View holdings Download (PDF)
Conservative Portfolio View reports  View holdings Download (PDF)
Growth Portfolio View reports  View holdings Download (PDF)

A prospectus may also be obtained via email request or by calling 800-977-2947. 

Fees and expenses

  • Shareholder information (PDF)
    Read about share pricing and sales charges, purchasing and adding shares, selling shares, policies on selling shares, market timing and excessive trading and other topics.

Other information


1 Formerly named Praxis Small Cap Fund.