How we invest

We believe you can make a positive difference when your investment decisions are motivated by your faith and values. We call this stewardship investing, our unique approach to socially responsible investing, that seeks to hold companies accountable and invest in a better world.


Our Values

Investing in what matters

Our core values embrace a wide range of the social concerns that reflect our faith and values as well as traditional, prudent financial considerations. We use our values as a central guide to how we approach stewardship investing, express our best expectations for corporate behavior, and provide a consistent standard for current and future investments.
  1. We respect the dignity and value of all people.
  2. We seek to build a world at peace and free from violence.
  3. We expect companies to demonstrate a concern for justice in a global society.
  4. We look for companies that exhibit responsible management practices.
  5. We look for companies that contribute their people, expertise and resources to support and develop their communities.
  6. We expect companies to respect the limits of our natural resources and work toward environmental sustainability. 
Our philosophy

Reflecting our values

Stewardship investing is a philosophy of financial decision making motivated and informed by faith convictions. It holds in tension a responsibility for the productive use of financial resources and a deep-seated concern for the individuals, communities, and environments that are impacted by our investment choices. Our philosophy is the broad framework in which we confront the complex task of investing. 
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Values + ESG screening

Our Values + ESG screening approach combines comprehensive, values-based investment screens with risk-based screens on issues of environmental, social, and governance concern.

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Shareholder advocacy

We take stock ownership seriously and communicate with corporate management at the companies we are invested in. Praxis leads initiatives to talk with the companies and also works together with other concerned investors to promote positive social change.

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Proxy voting

Praxis believes it’s our responsibility to communicate with corporate management about issues of financial and social concern through careful, values-driven voting of proxies.
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Positive investing

We seek to include investments that both generate a competitive financial return and deliver a clear and direct benefit to people and our planet. These investments include renewable energy, low-income housing, international development, and immunization and medical research.
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Community development investing

Praxis commits approximately 1% of each fund to deep-impact community development investing that helps provide economic opportunity for disadvantaged individuals and communities across the country and around the world.
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Investment strategies you want

We offer four optimized index funds, an actively managed bond fund, and three risk-based portfolios with a diversified mix of funds to match your investment goals. 


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