Values and risks screens

Our combination of traditional values screens and industry-leading, data-driven screening, means that our funds avoid companies that don’t fit with our values and invest in companies where we can make a difference.

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How we screen

Finding the right balance

We use two types of screens, one tilts our portfolios toward positive social impact and the other ensures that environmental, social and governance data is integrated in all of our funds. We carefully balance our responsibility as fund managers to include a diverse array of investments and reflect the Praxis core values.
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Values screens

Avoid companies that deal primarily in industries that don’t align with our values. We screen out companies for abortion, adult entertainment, alcohol, cannabis, firearms, gambling, nuclear power, predatory lending, tobacco, and weapons production and support systems.

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ESG screens

Use data-driven research to give companies a score on how well they perform on environmental, social and governance issues. We use this information to screen out companies with low scores. But we choose to leave in companies whose scores and history show a willingness to discuss the issues.
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Our investments

After both screens are applied, our investment universe includes companies that we can encourage toward better business policies and practices. Some companies may already be industry leaders, while others are striving toward improvements.

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