Community development investing

Praxis commits approximately 1% of each fund to deep-impact community development investing that helps provide economic opportunity for disadvantaged individuals and communities around the world.

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How we do it

Investments for global good

We commit approximately 1 percent of each fund to community development investing because we believe in the power of supporting individuals and organizations around the world.
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Offering opportunities

These investments help provide funding for individuals and projects that may have a harder time getting traditional funding.
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Meaningful partnership

Praxis partners with Calvert Impact Capital, a leading impact-investing institution, for our community development investing.
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Our partners at Calvert Impact Capital lend through micro-finance institutions, cooperatives, affordable housing developers, and impact investing funds to reach beneficiaries in their communities.

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Calvert Impact Capital's lending flows through Community Development Financial Institutions, micro-finance institutions, cooperatives, affordable housing developers, and impact investing funds to reach end beneficiaries.

Affordable housing

We know that access to safe, stable housing is critical for a person’s and family’s health, happiness, and economic future. By providing greater amounts of flexible capital to housing developers we can help them to meet the housing needs of their communities.

Community development

Many communities across the U.S. suffer from depressed markets and stagnant growth where little capital is channeled towards much needed infrastructure and development. We support financing for organizations and funds that finance community real estate across the U.S. 


As one of the key tenets for equality and prosperity, access to quality education is universally recognized as a fundamental human right. We invest in organizations, projects, and funds that are working to improve access to affordable, quality education for low income students. Ultimately, this helps increase the economic and social potential for students in these communities.

Environmental sustainability

Earth’s natural resources are being depleted at alarming rates, largely due to increasing populations and consumption. We hope to use our financing to ensure our resources are sustainably managed and available for future generations.


Access to quality, affordable healthcare is a universally acknowledged human right. We are focused on providing greater access to debt capital for organizations seeking to grow their capacity to provide quality, affordable health services to lower and middle income populations. 


Around three billion people across the world have little or no access to formal financial services, yet financial services are one of the most powerful tools for reducing poverty and enabling economic growth. We invest in microfinance institutions that engage in innovation in financial products, services and processes.

Renewable energy

Due to rapid industrialization and population growth, global energy consumption has drastically increased. Through financing, we seek to support in renewable energy projects that address access challenges.

Small business

Small and medium-sized business are the backbone of every economy. We invest in financial intermediaries that provide loans and business advisory services to entrepreneurs who create new jobs and contribute to the well-being of their communities.

Sustainable agriculture

Around 70 percent of the world’s poor live in rural areas, where they are heavily dependent on agriculture for income, employment, and survival. We focus our investing in projects that address food insecurity and promote economic development.
Inspiring stories

Making a difference

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Community development investing

Benefit Chicago meaningful employment for adults with autism

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Group of four rows of solar panels surrounded by a fence next to a small building in Nigeria
Community development investing

Praxis finances solutions that increase energy access in sub-Saharan Africa

CrossBoundary Energy Access Capital provides renewable energy solutions

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Community development investing

Praxis leveling the playing field by financing truckers in the heart of Europe

Advanced Global Capital provides innovative financing in Czechia

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Community development investing

Praxis helps refugees through small business

Global network empowers small businesses in South Sudan

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