Barron’s and The Impact Investor recognize Praxis Mutual Funds

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Team’s work to blend faith, sustainability and investing reflected in recognitions

Praxis Mutual Funds® is honored to be included in lists of top funds published by Barron’s and The Impact Investor:

  • Barron’s featured the Praxis Growth Index Fund (MMDEX) as one of 10 ESG funds to have outperformed its category for the past 15 years.
  • The Impact Investor named Praxis Mutual Funds to a list of Best Gender Equity Funds in 2023.

In its article about winners, Barron’s highlights that investor demand for sustainable funds may be more “sticky” than demand for U.S. funds more broadly.

In its profile of best gender-equity funds, The Impact Investor applied Equileap’s 19 criteria. These include equal compensation, diverse representation in the workforce, women in leadership positions, paid parental leave, anti-sexual harassment policies, and more.

The Impact Investor specifically acknowledged Praxis Mutual Funds’ shareholder advocacy work on topics related to gender equity and human trafficking.

“Recognitions like these are a testament to our team’s hard work to integrate faith, sustainability and investing,” said Praxis Vice President of Stewardship Investing Mark Regier. “Gender equity and gender-lens investing are important considerations for Praxis as we participate in shareholder engagement and proxy voting, and Praxis is committed to using its investments to make real change while pursuing attractive returns.”

The full list of Barron’s ESG funds is available on the Barron’s website. The full list of the Impact Investor’s Best Gender Equity Funds of 2023 is on The Impact Investor’s website. To learn more about investing with Praxis and fund performance, visit our Funds page.

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