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ImpactAlpha recently highlighted Praxis Mutual Funds® investments that benefit refugees in the article A growing community of investors steers capital to solutions. This article recaps Paradigm Shift, a report from the new Refugee Investment Network. This report includes Praxis in its list of investors supporting refugees.

Mark Regier, Vice President of Stewardship Investing | Praxis Mutual Funds

The investment funds drive a new field of “refugee investing” and deploy capital to companies owned or led by refugees, or benefit them in some capacity.

The unique situation of refugees creates challenges for investors. The ImpactAlpha article states that 80% of refugees live in emerging countries with developing markets. Elements like weak infrastructure and currency instability in these countries hinder investing – especially nontraditional, refugee investing – making it risky.

“It must be clear how the investment risks are to be viewed, where they are to fit in the portfolio’s structure, and offered at a scale and with returns comparable to other opportunities,” Mark Regier of Praxis Mutual Funds told RIN.

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