AEP and Southern Company publish Just Transition reports

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The utilities integrate social components into their climate policies

Praxis has engaged American Electric Power and Southern Company on climate issues for more than five years, and both have published extensive Just Transition reports in 2022.

The Praxis climate advocacy efforts are focused on supporting the low carbon transition, which refers to the necessary transition of the global economy from carbon-intensive operations and energy sources to zero or low carbon options to avoid the worst effects of climate change. A key part of the low carbon transition is the principle of a “just transition” – the integration of worker and community concerns into the low carbon transition.

Just Transition can mean supporting workers affected by coal or gas power plant closures through options to remain at the company, job retraining, and open communication with workers. It can also mean partnering with affected communities, providing opportunities for underprivileged groups, and ensuring that renewable energy jobs are sustainable and just.

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AEP’s JT report (PDF)is included in its annual sustainability report, and greatly expands on its previous report. The report outlines AEP’s policies and includes a clear message about the impact of AEP’s transition to cleaner forms of energy. It contains disclosure about implementation of the company’s specific JT-related programs, including metrics.

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Southern Company’s JT report (PDF) is its first. It provides investors with important information on Southern’s commitment to Just Transition principles and international guidelines as well as its commitment to support workers and financially vulnerable customers. It’s an important start, and Southern will build on it in the future.

Praxis will continue to engage with utilities on refining and implementing Just Transition policies.
Chris Meyer, Stewardship Investing Research and Advocacy Manager | Praxis Mutual Funds
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Stewardship Investing Research and Advocacy Manager

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