Invested in Faith

"Every storm runs out of rain - just like every dark night turns into a day." Gary Allan

Invested in faith - week 4

Inspired by hope

Musical interlude

It’s gonna be okay
The Piano Guys, from the album So Far, So Good
Written by Andy Grammar and Dave Bassett

The Piano Guys

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Words to ponder

Long, too long America
By Walt Whitman
Source: Leaves of Grass (1891–92)

Long, too long America,
Traveling roads all even and peaceful you learn'd from joys and prosperity only,
But now, ah now, to learn from crises of anguish, advancing, grappling with direst fate and recoiling not,
And now to conceive and show to the world what your children en-masse really are,
(For who except myself has yet conceiv'd what your children en-masse really are?)

This poem is in the public domain.

Stories of hope and action

Remembering that we are surrounded by good and that we can make a difference.

For further reflection

From Hope’s Table: Everyday Recipes from a Mennonite Kitchen
By Hope Helmuth, published by Herald Press 

Hopes Table

Teaching children about food

Growing up, we ate what was set on the table in front of us. Mom didn’t fix “kid friendly” meals or cater to our tastes. We ate normal, wholesome meals - usually with beef from the farm, milk from our dairy, eggs from my uncle’s farm, and vegetables from our garden. We were those kids at school with the uncool lunches. I credit my mom for not buying into what was easy or trendy but just sending along leftovers from supper the night before or a simple sandwich. We also didn’t have unhealthy snacks at home or lots of baked goods to eat. I remember eating Mom’s canned pickles and cheese or leftovers for snacks after school.

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Be well, be renewed, be at peace.

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